I am reminded every now and then that “working” on something, such as your recovery, relationships, job searching, learning to live life on life’s terms; that as long as your making progress then you are doing the right thing!  That is how it’s been over the last month or so with the Garden of Hope.  It has been slow going, however we have been making progress towards our goal of finishing it up.  We have been in a “holding pattern” of a sort, waiting for various things to line up, however I am constantly reminded that all things are done in God’s perfect timing.    This is the latest picture of the area that we have been constructing since February 1, 2014.


Please consider making a donation to the Alumni HopeLine that’s tax-deductible as well. Your donation will help us finish the garden which is being built to provide a place that will help encourage others, bring inspiration to some and bring hope to those learning to live all over again, this time without the use of alcohol or mind altering substances.   Your donations will also be used to purchase needed art supplies for a new art area!

We also have a list of needed supplies if you wish to go purchase items yourself and donate in that way.  Please email the alumnihopeline@gmail.com, in the subject line type “supply list”.  Make sure your contact info is in the email as well.  Someone will get back to you with where you can drop the items off or mail them.  Thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of others for generations to come!