We are finally ready to take on the task of building our Memorial and Serenity Gardens!  However we still need your help!  We are looking for anyone who has access to building materials to make a donation of such to get us started.  We are looking for pavestones, large rocks or flagstones, a trellis or two, benches, decorative landscaping material, about 150 feet of waist high fencing, etc.   We have a company that is willing to donate their labor/time to the project.  Now we just need the materials!

Our dream is to have a serene place where families and friends can go.   To remember loved ones, who have passed from the terrible disease of alcoholism and addiction.  To have a quiet place to spend time with God.  A place that will help those receiving treatment to put a “name” with a “face” so to speak, so they can realize the gift that has been given to them.  The gift of recovery, living One Day At A Time!  We want this to be a beautiful, magical place complete with a waterfall or two.  Yes when we dream, we dream big!

We are asking everyone to please consider making a monetary donation to our charitable cause.  There is a link on the top right hand corner of this page, marked “Give HOPE 2 Others”.  Click on the link and it will take you through the steps.  If you are needing more information about our project or wish to speak to someone directly, then please email the alumnihopeline@gmail.com.  Thank you

Our first birdbath the alumni group purchased.

Our first birdbath the alumni group purchased. (West Side)

for you generosity and God Bless!!!

Future home....

Future home…. (North East side)

Future site of Memorial Garden

Future site of Memorial Garden – North East side

Serenity Garden Site

Serenity Garden Site
West side of building