We will now meet at GVH in the cafeteria on December 14th, 2013, right after the Alumni Recovery Mtg.

We still need the gloves you purchased, so please don’t forget to either drop them off at the donation station  main reception desk or bring them on December 14th!!!  We can not do this without your help!

So come join us and enjoy pizza, coffee, holiday music and help us put together the “care packages” to deliver on Christmas day. This is otherwise known as our “Warm Hearts Helping Warm Hands” alumni project and this is our 2nd year to do this. We will need volunteers to come out on Dec 25th to deliver the packages and serve hot chocolate and cookies and share your hope, from 10:30-12noon.  Yes we are aware that is on Christmas day, feel free to bring your family and make it a new sober tradition!  You won’t regret it!

Make sure you get all the latest updates from the group by joining today. Until next time, stay safe and warm and enjoy the “slower tempo” of life.